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   We offer Power Systems Titles, Wind Projects, VLSI Projects, Electronics Projects, STATCOM Projects Microprocessor Projects, Solar Projects, LOAD FLOW, ANN Projects, DSP Projects, Voltage Stability Projects, Power Electronics Projects, Fuzzy Projects, Reactive Power Projects , Mechanical Projects, Embedded Projects, FACTS Projects, PC Based Projects, Instrumentation, Power Quality Projects , Communication Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

    Please study this section before you call us or any other organization regarding your Project.  This can help you from getting cheated by fraud  Project Centers.

1.   What is the time taken to complete a M.E or B.E  project?

         For B.E and M.E students the time taken for completion of the project will be 90 Days after full payment of the project fees. The project fees can be paid in the specified account number which will given with the Quote.

 2.   What is consultation fees why do you collect it?. Is it refundable?

          Expert system is a institute run by experts in various positions of technical and research. The consultation fees is marginal profit which the company receives form the students, the same is used to prepare Quote, Problem formulation, and final result verification. The consultation fees are a non refundable amount.

 3.   Sir, my problem is on economic dispatch, I have selected a recent paper as my base work, Can use a recent algorithm be used to reduce the fuel cost further?

              Students and researches should understand that if every new technique tries to minimize the fuel cost then finally one day the Fuel cost will become zero. So your aim should be toward minimization of computation time and not towards the reducing the fuel cost as it practical not possible to do so.

 4.   What about IEEE project of recent years?

      IEEE project means a project using IEEE paper for Reference. Please not that  IEEE papers are normally published by a Ph.D doing researcher or some one who has completed Ph.D in that area,  and further they normally take about three to four years of research to complete this work stated in the paper. Students at M.E or B.E level are given a duration of six month at the most, such being the case, repeating a complete IEEE paper will only be dream for most UG and PG students.

    5.   Your web site mentions that you do IEEE 2012 and 2011 project,   what does that mean?

         In our project center we use such recent  papers for reference work only and do not claim to repeat the same work within three months. A little common sense will make it clear that if we are able to repeat ( create simulation ) all the IEEE recent paper then perhaps we will not be in this business.  Please tune your mind to think the other way if we project centers in India are capable in repeating all the IEEE papers. Then why don't we publish these papers in IEEE and earn a Ph.D degree for ourself. Even Good Researchers find it very difficult to get a paper published in IEEE.

6.   Do you support new Idea implementation?

        Yes we do provide new idea implementation for students. To do such new projects students should clearly state what the idea they have to our designers and get the quote for the complete project. Such new ideas should be complete at problem level before start of actual design

 7.   I am in urgent need of a Ph.D work what will be time duration for completing the work?

            Ph.D work can never be done on urgent basis as per ones wish. To do a Ph.D work we start with literature review the duration for the same is three months.  The Payment for the entire Ph.D work should be made as a single payment before the start of the Actual work involving codings or hardware.

      A Ph.D work is split up into modules, each module is equal to a M.E level work the duration of one module will be three months further on completion of the module paper publications will be done .

    The publication charge for one referred journal will be Rs 70, 000 and the time duration will be maximum 18 months after full payment.

 8.   Do you provide hardware projects on rental basis?

        Yes we provide hardware on rental basis in case the student is unable to pay the full hardware expenses of his project.   The time duration of rent will be ten days. A caution deposit as decided by the experts will be collected the same will be refunded when kit is returned back in working condition. In general modules like VLSI and DSP processors are provided for rent.

 9.   In what  way I am ensured that I will get correct output?

           After completion of the projects at the first stage the results alone are given to the students (without the coding ). At this stage the student can take a maximum duration of one week to verify the results. If the results are not as given in the Quote, you can suggest the correction. Still if we are not able make the output as in the quote you will get the entire amount back (note: the consultation fees is non refundable, normally Rs 3,000 to Rs5,000)

 In case the results are satisfactory they can mail the technical adviser for getting the full project code. After getting the full coding by the student, further modification or corrections cannot be done without additional Payment.

      In case further modification is needed a new quote has to be made and payment is to be done for further coding or correction as required.

10. What are the information present in Quote?

            The quote prepared by us gives the fundament structure of the work to be carried for you. Further a quote gives you the specification of the hardware to be fabricated, Input level, outputs, type of algorithm used, system to be used for the simulation study. It gives the time duration and mode of payment for the stated project work. Sample project Quote.

11. I come to Know that many project centers cheat the students. Is it true?. What are the ways in which we will get cheated?

1. YES,    90%    the students approaching a Project Center get Cheated for the money they Pay.     

2.The mistake of getting cheated lies fully on the student, because at M. Tech level or B. Tech it is your duty to ensure that you select a proper person with proper educational qualification to do your project. Further you should make a mind storming discussion with the technical person responsible for the Project work, thereby you can find  his technical level before making the payment.

In ESS all our faculties are M.E Degree holders. Further the Back ended support team consists of Professors with more than 17 years of Teaching experience. All Our hardware fabricators are B.E or Diploma Holders in EEE or ECE.

  The worst part is that students seeking projects never ask the project center guides qualification, in many a times it happens so, that a B.E qualified Person makes  the Project for M.E students. The real fun happens when Ph.D Projects are done being done by B.E or Diploma persons. In ESS All M.E projects are supervised and guided by Guides with strong research Experience.

3. In most the project center there is only a oral agreement on the project work  whereas, we at ESS ensure you will receive the output by written statements - the Quote. This means that there is no way you will get cheated.

4. Students some times collect recent papers which they themselves do not understand by reading and submit the same to some project center expecting that they will be able to understand and tell you what is given in the paper. No way this can happen.  As Student / Researcher it is your first duty to study and understand what is given in the paper selected by you and then order the project center to get the output required by you.  

5. General project centers buy the projects from some other place and sell it to students, whereas in ESS all the projects are made in our labs so there is no third party interference.

12. Sir My guide is asking me to implement recent IEEE journal papers for Phase I and modify that work for Phase II?. Will you do the same for me?.

   Dear students, in  Most of the colleges you can find a bunch of jokers like this (Project Guides without any Basic Research Knowledge). They will never guide you how to do the project or allow you to do a project by yourself. They will keep on giving suggestion and never solutions. Further it is the headache of all engineering students to face such peoples .

  Our question is simple how many of your seniors students modified the IEEE paper results. Can you show us the Codings?.  Even after investing cores of Rupees in research the IIT people find if difficult to Modify an IEEE paper. what about you Smart Guys with zero investment ?

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