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Today, the situation on low voltage AC systems has become a serious concern. The quality of electrical power in commercial and industrial installations is undeniably decreasing. In addition to external disturbances, such as outages, sags and spikes due to switching and atmospheric conditions. There are inherent internal causes specific to each site and resulting from the combined use of linear and non-linear loads.
Untimely tripping of protection devices, harmonic overloads, high levels of voltage and current distortion, temperature rise in conductors and generators all contribute to reducing the quality and the reliability of a low voltage AC system. The current drawn from the ac mains has harmonic components, which causes to poor power factor, low efficiency, voltage and current distortion, interferences in some instruments and communication equipment by the EMI, over heated transformers and electromagnetic fields and increased losses in transmission and distribution systems.
The above disturbances are well understood related to the proliferation of loads consuming non-sinusoidal current, referred to as non-linear loads. This type of load is used for the conversion, variation and regulation of electrical power in commercial, industrial and residential installations.

Topics Suggested For M. E / M. Tech - Power Systems Engineering,

M. E / M. Tech - Power Electronics And Drives,

Ph. D - Power Systems Engineering,

    Ph. D - Power Electronics Engineering.


  1. Power quality costs and upgrading solutions: the energy centre

  2. Three level Converter based Active Filter for harmonic compensation of 4MW Induction Furnace

  3. An Analysis and Implementation of Step dynamic Voltage Regulator

  4. A Voltage Sag Supporter Utilizing a PWM Switched Autotransformer

  5. Suppression of Voltage Flicker by Saturable Reactor Operating under Forced Magnetization

  6. AC to AC Converter Based Topology for Mitigation of Voltage Sag with Phase Jump

  7. Series Hybrid Active Power Filter for MitigatingVoltage Unbalance and Harmonics under Unbalanced Non Sinusoidal Supply Conditions

  8. Voltage Sag Mitigation Using Multilevel Inverter based Distribution Static Compensator (DSTATCOM) in Low Voltage Distribution System

  9. Coordinated Maintenance Scheduling in Power System Using Combined Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing

  10.  Supply Adequacy Issues in Renewable Energy and Hydro Based Power Systems

  11.  A Cost Effective Ac to ac Voltage Sag Protector with a Fast Dynamic Response Using a New RMS Averaging Method

  12.  Voltage Regulation With STATCOM Modeling, Control and Results

  13.  Wind Farm to Weak Grid Connection using UPQC Custom Power Device

  14.  Effect of STATCOM Placement on Performance of Voltage Sag Mitigation

  15. Power Factor Correction And Energy Saving With Proper Transformer Phase Shifting Techniques and Harmonic Mitigation

  16.  RPMA Receiver Prohibition Multiple Access for Collision-controlled Wireless Mesh Networks and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

  17.  Intelligent Interference Management Based on On Demand Service Connectivity for Femtocellular Networks

  18.  Simulation & Analysis of Distribution Static Compensator D STATCOM

  19.  Mitigation of Flicker at Wood Saw Machine with Active and Reactive Power Compensation

  20. A Power Division Reuse Partitioning Scheme wit Half Frequency Reuse Factor for OFDMA

  21. Resource Allocation for OFDMA Systems with Trade off  between Throughout and Quality of Service

  22.  Studies On Voltage Sag In Distribution Network Containing Distributed Generations

  23. Power Factor Correction and Energy Saving With Proper Transformer and Phase Shifting Techniques

  24. Mitigation of Electric Arc Furnace Voltage Flicker Using Static Synchronous Compensator

  25.  Design and Construction of Constant Voltage Transformer

  26. Voltage Flicker Mitigation Using STATCOM and ESS

  27.  Development of New Control Strategy for Voltage sag Mitigation

  28. The impact of Dynamic Voltage Restorer on Voltage Sag Mitigation

  29. Energy Savings from PQ Mitigation Technologies

  30.  Industrial Power Quality Considerations Installing Adjustable Speed Drive Systems

  31. Assessment of Voltage Unbalance Voltage sags :effects mitigation and prediction

  32. Voltage enhancement in industrial distribution systems using narrow-band filters

  33. Fast Response DVR Control Strategy Design to Compensate Unbalanced Voltage Sags and Swells in Distribution Systems

  34. Investigation On The Effectiveness Of Dynamic Voltage Restorer For Voltage Sag Mitigation

  35. Effectiveness of Traditional Mitigation strategies for Neutral Current and Voltage Problems under High Penetration of Rooftop PV

  36.  Simulation and Analysis of HTS Resistive and PEFCL for Fault Current and Voltage Sag mitigation in Power System Network

  37.  Analysis and Mitigation of Balanced Voltage Sag with the Help of Energy storage

  38.  Stable Control Method of Source Current Detection Type Active Filter by Voltage Harmonics Feedback

  39. Real Time High Precision Harmonic Analysis of Signals in Power Systems Using HW/SW Co Design Methodology on FPGAs

  40. New Functionalities of The Unified Power Quality Conditioner

  41. EAF Voltage Flicker Mitigation By FACTS/ESS

  42. Post processing Phase Noise Mitigation Performance Comparison in a Coherent Distributed Passive Radar System

  43. A Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Technique (DPSO) For Power Filter Design

  44. Interference Management for Multiple Multicasts with Joint Distributed

  45. Source Channel Network Coding

  46. EDP Methodology and Practice on Developed Techniques to Attenuate Voltage Distortion in MV  Distribution Networks






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