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          Power system projects with Multi-objective Function.

Topics Suggested For M. E / M. Tech - Power Systems Engineering,

M. E / M. Tech - Power Electronics And Drives,

Ph. D - Power Systems Engineering,

    Ph. D - Power Electronics Engineering.

  1. Application of STATCOM to wind farm

  2. STATCOM-controlled HVDC Power Transmission for Large Offshore Wind Farms: Engineering Issues

  3. Improvement of Voltage Stability in Wind Farm Connection to distribution Network Using FACTS Devices

  4. Novel STATCOM Controller for Reactive Power Compensation in Distribution Networks with Dispersed Renewable Wind Energy

  5. Operation of Wind Energy Installations During Power Network Disturbances

  6. Use of Simulated Annealing for optimizing capacity and location of STATCOM in Grids with Large Scale Wind Generation

  7. Stabilization of Wind Farms Connected with Multi-Machine Power System by Using STATCOM/BESS

  8. Improved STATCOM Operation Under Transient Disturbances for Wind Power Applications

  9. Control of an LCC HVDC System for Connecting Large Offshore Wind Farms with Special Consideration of Grid Fault

  10. Discrete-Time Sliding-Mode Control of a STATCOM Including Voltage and Current Limitations for Wind Farm Applications

  11. STATCOM Assisted Wind Generation – Delivering Stable Electrical Grids

  12. Study on Low Voltage Ride Through Characteristic of Full Power Converter Direct-Drive Wind Power System

  13. New Neutral Point Balancing Strategy for Five-Level Diode Clamped Converters Used in STATCOM of Wind Energy Conversion Systems

  14. Dynamic Compensation of Reactive Power for Integration of Wind Power in a Weak Distribution Network

  15. Testing of a Controller for an ETO-Based STATCOM through Controller Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation

  16. Low voltage ride-through capabilities of wind plant combining different turbine technologies

  17. Simulation Analysis of a Three-level NPC Based STATCOM Combined with TSC on a Wind Farm

  18. STATCOM-Based Indirect Torque Control of Induction Machines During Voltage Recovery After Grid Faults

  19. Review of Novel Control Techniques for STATCOM and its Effects on a Wind Farm

  20. Design of a Mode Decoupling STATCOM for Voltage Control of Wind-Driven Induction Generator Systems


  22. Voltage Stability in Power Network when connected Wind Farm Generators

  23. A Robust STATCOM Control to Augment LVRT capability of Fixed Speed Wind Turbines

  24. The Challenge of Operating Wind Power Plants within a Microgrid Framework

  25. A New Method of Reactive power-Voltage Coordinated Control in Wind Farm

  26.  Enhanced performance of FSIG wind farms for Grid Code compliance

  27. Control of STATCOM in Wind Power Plants based on Induction Generators during Asymmetrical Grid Faults

  28. An hybrid PV-Wind supply system with DSTATCOM interface for a water-lift station

  29. Ride-through of Induction Generator Based Wind Park with Switched Capacitor, SVC, or STATCOM

  30. Distribution System Voltage Stability Analysis with Wind Farms Integration

  31. Dynamic-Stability Enhancement and Reactive Power/Voltage Control of a Large-Scale Wind Farm Using a STATCOM

  32. Dynamic Response of Wind Power Generators Using STATCOM

  33. Distributed STATCOM for controlling Output Voltage of Wind Turbine Generator

  34. Effects of STATCOM on Wind Turbines Equipped with DFIGs During Grid Faults

  35. Improving the Fault Behavior of Wind Farms Facing Wind Speed Changes Using STATCOM

  36. Economic Dispatch of Thermal Units with the Impact of Wind Power plant.

  37. Application of Integrated Wind Energy Conversion System (WECS) and Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Farm as Statcom to Regulate Grid Voltage during Night Time

  38. Research on Dynamic Var Compensate Strategy of Wind Farm with Statcom

  39. Cascade multilevel static synchronous compensator configuration for wind farms

  40. Voltage Stability Control of a Wind Generation System

  41. Fast Low Voltage Ride-Through of Wind Generation Systems Using Supercapacitor Based Energy Storage Systems

  42. Fault ride through capability enhancement for self-excited induction generator-based wind parks by installing fault current limiters

  43. Improving Grid Power Quality with FACTS Device on Integration of Wind Energy System

  44. A New Control Strategy to Improve Voltage Stability of the Power System Containing Large-scale Wind Power Plants

  45. Power Quality Improvement for Grid Connected Wind Energy System using FACTS device

  46. STATCOM modeling Impact on Wind Turbines’ Low Voltage Ride Through Capability

  47. Planning and operation of dynamic energy storage for improved integration of wind energy

  48. Voltage Profile Improvement for Distributed Wind Generation using D-STATCOM

  49. A Study of Low Voltage Ride-Through Capability for Offshore Wind Power Plant

  50. Modeling and Simulation of The Fixed Speed Wind Power Generation System for Grid Studies

  51. Connection of Offshore Wind Parks: HVAC and HVDC-LCC links with STATCOM

  52. Power Quality Improvement with Static Compensator on Grid Integration of Wind Energy System

  53. Stability Enhancement of a Power System with Wind Generation & STATCOM Evaluation of Hub Concept for Wind Turbines

  54. Application of Static Compensator to improve the Power Quality of Grid Connected Induction Generator Based Wind Farm

  55. Unbalanced Loaded DFIG with Grid Fault

  56. Power Quality Improvement of a Grid-Connected Wind Energy Conversion System with Harmonics Reduction Using FACTS Device

  57. Evaluation and Mitigation of Voltage Flicker Caused by Constant Speed Wind Turbines

  58. The Detection of VFC and STATCOM faults in Doubly Fed Induction Generator

  59. Improved low-voltage-ride-through capability of fixed speed wind turbines using decentralised control of STATCOM with energy storage system

  60. A Novel STATCOM control scheme for grid connected wind driven Induction Generator for Power Quality Improvement

  61. Reactive power optimization for wind farms group integrated system

  62. Condition Monitoring for Detecting VFC and STATCOM faults in Wind Turbine equipped with DFIG

  63. Analysis and Comparison between two wind farms consisting of 500kW midsize turbines and 1.5MW turbines.

  64. Overview of Power Quality Aspects in Wind Generation

  65. Advanced Fault Ride-Through Technique for PMSG Wind Turbine Systems Using Line-Side Converter as STATCOM

  66. Stability Improvement of Wind Farms using Shunt and Series Compensation

  67. A STATCOM based control scheme for grid connected wind driven Induction Generator

  68. A New STATCOM Model for Power Flows Using the Newton–Raphson Method

  69. Power System Stability Enhancement with an Integrated Offshore Wind Farm and Marine- Current Farm Using a STATCOM

  70. Development of Wind Power Stabilization System using BESS and STATCOM

  71. A Novel Compensation Technology of Static Synchronous Compensator Integrated With Distribution Transformer

  72. Performance Improvement of a Grid Connected Direct Drive Wind Turbine Using Super-capacitor Energy Storage

  73. A New Single-Phase Inverter with D-STATCOM Capability for Grid-connected Small Wind Turbines

  74. Research on Control Strategy of Cascade STATCOM under Unbalanced System Voltage

  75. A New Multi-level Inverter with FACTS Capabilities for Wind Applications

  76. Reactive power Improvement in Wind Park System Using FACTS

  77. Grid Power Quality Improvement and Battery Energy Storage in Wind Energy Systems

  78. Enhanced fault ride through performance of self-excited induction generator-based wind park during unbalanced grid operation

  79. A Hybrid STATCOM for Economical System Installation with Proven Dynamic and Transient Response

  80. Small-Signal Stability Analysis of Offshore Wind Farms with LCC HVDC

  81. Connecting Wind Power Plant with Weak Grid  Challenges and Solutions

  82. Reactive Power Capability of the Wind Turbine with Doubly Fed Induction Generator

  83. Improving Fault Ride Through Capability of DFIG during RSC Flashover Fault

  84. Static synchronous compensator sizing for enhancement of fault ride-through capability and voltage stabilization of fixed speed wind farms

  85. Economic Analysis of Reactive Power Control and Availability on Power Losses in a Wind Farm Connected at 38KV

  86. Impact of d-STATCOM on voltage sag in normal distribution and wind connected systems under different faults.

  87.  Optimized Control Strategy for a Medium Voltage DVR Theoretical Investigations and Experimental Results.

  88.  Flicker Disturbances in Steel Manufacturing Plant A Case Study.

  89.  Flux estimation techniques for inrush current mitigation of line interactive UPS systems.

  90.  An Efficient Compensator for The Voltage Related Power Quality Problems in Distribution Systems.

  91. Distributed Reactive Power Generation Control for Voltage Rise Mitigation in Distribution Networks.

  92.  Study on the Effect of Distributed Generation towards Unified Power Quality Conditioner Performance in Mitigating Voltage Sags.

  93. Economic and Emission - cost optimization in thermal power system.

  94. Power systems Fault studies.

  95. STATCOM impact on small signal stability of wind farm integration.






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