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     Sample videos showing the hardware projects


              The above is an video showing the microprocessor kit used in hardware projects at ES

The main features of this  μp are:
It is a 8 bit microprocessor.
It is manufactured with N-MOS technology.
It has 16-bit address bus
The first 8 lines of address bus and 8 lines of data bus are multiplexed AD0 AD7
Data bus is a group of 8 lines D0  D7
It supports external interrupt request.
. A 16 bit program counter (PC)
A 16 bit stack pointer (SP)
Six 8-bit general purpose register arranged in pairs: BC, DE, HL.
It requires a signal +5V power supply and operates at 3.2 MHZ single phase clock.




        The above video shows the DSP kit used for projects involving Power electronics + DSP. The ADSP-2181 EZ-KIT Lite provides developers with a cost-effective method for initial evaluation of the powerful ADSP-218x Processor family architecture. The ADSP-2181 EZ-KIT Lite includes an ADSP-2181 DSP board and fundamental code generation debug software. With this EZ-KIT Lite, users can learn about DSP hardware and software development and evaluate potential applications of the ADSP-2181 family of processors. The ADSP-2181 EZ-KIT Lite provides an evaluation suite of the VisualDSP++ development environment with the C compiler, assembler, and linker. All software tools are limited to use with the EZ-KIT Lite.

  The main features of this  DSP are:

 * ADSP-2181 33 MIPS DSP
 * AD1847 stereo codec
 * RS-232 interface
 * Socketed EPROM
 * User push buttons







                           The above video shows sample  projects involving Power electronics + Microcontroller


Abstract will be given for all project when required , student call the project coordinator or mail to to get  abstracts of 200 words for various project titles.


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