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We offer final year Power Systems MTech Projects, M.E (Power Systems), M.E (Applied Electronics), M.E (Power Electronics), Ph.D Electrical and Electronics, Power Systems IEEE Projects,  Embedded system, VLSI design, ANN, Fuzzy Logic, Power system, Power Electronics, Machines, Control system, Bio medical, Communication Engineering, GPS, GSM, Wireless Communication, IEEE Power Systems Projects, Power Systems MS Projects, Power Systems BTech Projects, Power Systems BE Projects, Power Systems ME Projects, Power Systems IEEE Projects, Power Systems IEEE Basepapers, Power Systems Final Year Projects, Power Systems Academic Projects, Power Systems Projects, Power Systems Seminar Topics, Power Systems Free Download Projects, Power Systems Free Projects in  Chennai, Chidambaram. 

                DSP Project Titles

  1. 3D Synthetic Environment
  2. A High Performance Implementation of MPEG-1 Layer 3 Audio Encoder
  3. AC drive
  4. Acoustic Echo Cancellation algorithm & Implementation Using DSP
  5. Acoustic liquid level gauge
  6. Adaptive channel equalization
  7. Advanced LCR meter using DSP techniques
  8. ALU design using VHDL
  9. Audio signal processing
  10. Automatic collision avoider
  11. Binaural sound localization
  12. Biologically plausible pitch perception
  13. Biometric finger print system
  14. Biometrics smart camera
  15. Cellular communication simulator by using MATLAB
  16. Channel Implementation
  17. Character display
  18. Class 5 accuracy data actuation
  19. Cochlea Implants
  20. Command and control using voice recognition
  21. Counter design
  22. CPU design
  23. Data compression
  24. Data transmission through power line
  25. Delta modulation
  26. Detection of Human Speech in Structured Noise
  27. Digital AC Motor Control
  28. Digital Scanner
  29. Digital signal processing aid for labs
  30. Digital signals processing demonstrator
  31. Doppler correction
  32. DSP based data acquisition system
  33. DSP based digital equalizer
  34. DSP based ECG monitor
  35. DSP based image processing
  36. DSP based karaoke system
  37. DSP based medical announcement system
  38. DSP based modems
  39. DSP based multi channel monitoring system
  40. DSP based signal analyzer
  41. DSP based voice transmission system
  42. DSP function generator
  43. DTMF code generator & detection
  44. Error correction coding using convolution encoding and VITERBI decoding
  45. Error correction coding using trellis encoding and VITERBI decoding
  46. Estimation of aircraft trajectory from its motion using KALMAN TRACKING FILTER
  47. Estimation of energy using sub band coding
  48. FFT design
  49. FIR & IIR filters design
  50. FSK modulation & demodulation
  51. Function generator
  52. Implementation of GMSK modem using Matlab

  53. Implementation of OFDM with variable data sets using Matlab GUI

  54. Multiuser Detection in DS-CDMA using MMSE approach

  55. DTMF detection using Goertzel algorithm with Matlab GUI

  56. Implementation Cellular Is-95 standard in CDMA systems

  57. Higher Order SVD for dynamic texture analysis in video

  58. Adaptive Bilateral filter for sharpness enhancement and noise removal

  59. Blind self authentication of images for robust watermarking using IWT

  60. Comparision and improvement of wavelet based image fusion

  61. Weighted Adaptive Lifting based wavelet transform for image coding

  62. A spatial Median Filter for noise removal

  63. Contourlet based image watermarking using optimum detector in noisy environment

  64. Wavelet based palm print authentication system

  65. A CMOS image sensor with focal plane SPIHT image compression

  66. A visual information encryption scheme based on visual cryptography using DH method

  67. Low power variable block size motion estimation using pixel truncation

  68. Expansion embedding techniques for Reversible watermarking

  69. Steganography using BPCS to the IWT image

  70. Reconstruction of under water image by bi-spectrum

  71. Wavelet based image authentication and recovery

  72. Natural image compression based on modified SPIHT (Wavelet packets)

  73. Image blur reduction for cell cameras via adaptive tonal correction

  74. Video surveillance with sum of absolute differences

  75. Content based image retrieval with realistic color images

  76. Implementation of IRIS Recognition system using HOUGH transforms

  77. Facial recognition system using PCA Analysis

  78. Effective Fuzzy C means clustering algorithm for MRI Brain tumour detection

  79. ECG signal denoising and baseline wander correction using empirical mode decomposition

  80. A wavelet based denoising technique for Ocular arti-fact correction of the EEG Signal

  81. Acoustic echo cancellation tolerable for double talk

  82. A variable step size affine projection algorithm designed fro acoustic echo cancellation

  83. Variable step size NLMS algorithm for under modelling acoustic echo cancellation

  84.  Adaptive algorithm for speech compression using discrete cosine packet transforms

  85. Warped DCT based noisy speech enhancement

  86. Robust adaptive kalman filtering based speech enhancement algorithm

  87. An adaptive KLT approach for speech enhancement

  88. Speech compression using LPC/DWT

  89.  Speech enhancement using adaptive wiener Filter

  90. Content based Speech watermarking using DWT

  91. Analyzing equalizer effects for a speech signals

  92. An improved visual cryptography for secret hiding

  93. Curved wavelet transform for image coding

  94. Sliced Ridge let transform for image Denoising

  95. Low complexity multi resolution image codec using lifting wavelet transform

  96.  Lossless compression of color map images by context tree modelling

  97. Extended JPEG 2000 image compression systems

  98. Data embedding scrambled digital video

  99.  Block Matching algorithm motion estimation for video codec

  100.  A high performance JPEG 2000 architecture

  101.  Video watermarking using discrete wavelet transforms

  102.  Morphological processing for color images

  103. Implementation and analysis of Wide Band CDMA systems

  104.  An efficient Resource allocation strategy for future wireless cellular systems

  105.  Time-Domain signal detection using second order statistics for MIMO-OFDM systems

  106. Pre DFT processing for MIMO OFDM systems with space time frequency coding

  107.  Channel estimation and prediction for adaptive OFDM downlinks

  108.  Maximum Likelihood carrier frequency offset estimation for OFDM systems in fading channels

  109.  Channel Estimation and prediction for adaptive OFDMA/TDMA uplinks based on non overlapping pilot signals

  110.  Downlink BER simulation for IEEE 802.16e OFDM physical layer

  111.  Channel Code tracking in wireless OFDM Systems

  112.  Performance analysis of IEEE 802.11a physical layer

  113.  An Affine combination two LMS adaptive Filters Transient Mean Square Analysis

  114.  A Time Varying Convergence parameter for LMS Algorithm in the presence  white Gaussian noise

  115.  Robust control approach to perfect reconstruction of digital signals

  116.  Non parametric Linear time invariant system identification by DWT

  117.  Adaptive DS-CDMA Receiver with code tracking in unknown phase environments

  118.  Multi user detection in CDMA systems using PDA algorithm under AWGN

  119.  Performance analysis of Iterative channel estimation and multi user detection in multi user CDMA System

  120.  A Full rank regularization technique for MMSE detection in Multi user CDMA systems



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