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               Instrumentation Project Titles

  1. "Active cage" to study the behavior of animal under test
  2. "Computer controlled temperature & light recorder
  3. "Radio caller" tracer for tracing animal
  4. 100-Watts Frequency Controlled Inverter
  5. 12 bit ADC interface system for PCS
  6. 180-Watts DC To AC Converter
  7. 32 channels PC controlled light dimmer
  8. 3-Phase Automatic C/O for Domestic App
  9. 3-Phase Motor Starter
  10. 4 - Channel logic analyzer
  11. 50 MHz logic analyzer for digital systems
  12. AC Motor Test Bench
  13. Active air purifier cum conditioner for asthma patients
  14. Add-on system for TV with internet-mail capabilities
  15. Advanced bench-top power supply
  16. Advanced bio - telemetry model
  17. Advanced coded card security system
  18. Advanced digital trainer
  19. Advanced home monitoring system
  20. Advanced industrial function controller using telemetry
  21. Advanced IR based traffic controller
  22. Advanced mind reader
  23. Advanced phase controller
  24. Advanced security system
  25. Advanced solar tracking system
  26. Advanced system for product quality control in industries
  27. Advanced temperature indicator cum controller
  28. Advanced traffic controller cum density analyzer
  29. Auto attendance register with time keeping
  30. Auto temperature & Controlled digital fan regulator
  31. Auto water feeder
  32. Automatic air humidifier
  33. Automatic blower fan control for cars
  34. Automatic Door opening and closing mechanism
  35. Automatic electronic Filling Mechanism
  36. Automatic electronic plant watering system
  37. Automatic guided vehicle model
  38. Automatic home security system
  39. Automatic Pneumatic power Haw-Shaw machine
  40. Automatic Pneumatic sheet cutting machine
  41. Automatic Pressing system
  42. Automatic railway gate controlling system
  43. Automatic rain operated wiper
  44. Automatic Remote Diesel Gen set starter
  45. Automatic signaling system for trains
  46. Automatic telephone exchange
  47. Automatic time table announcer for bus-stands
  48. Automatic vacuums cleaner (mini)
  49. Automatic vehicle number plate recorder for traffic analyzer
  50. Bank token number display system
  51. Bi-directional RS232-to-centronics converter PC based PIC programmer
  52. Capacitive proximity switch
  53. Capturing analogue signal on pc
  54. Car battery charger
  55. Carrier current remote control
  56. Central heating system
  57. Centralized electrical billing system
  58. Changing temperature monitor
  59. Chip - card reader / programmer
  60. Circuit simulation using pc
  61. Coded card security system
  62. Compact audio paging system
  63. Computer aided wireless security system
  64. Computer based code lock security system
  65. Computer based ultrasonic distance meter
  66. Computer based video digitizer
  67. Computer controlled robotic vehicle
  68. Computer controlled temperature & light recorder
  69. Computer emulator
  70. Computer eye
  71. Computer guided "star finder"
  72. Computer interfaced temperature controller
  73. Computer 'mouse' model
  74. Computer P.S.U. Monitor
  75. Computer wireless LAN
  76. Computerized auto - translator
  77. Computerized automatic drug vending machine
  78. Computerized blood sample analyzer
  79. Computerized chromo (color) analyzer for quality control in industries
  80. Computerized data logger for weather stations
  81. Computerized fingerprint recognition system
  82. Computerized lie detector
  83. Computerized material testing aid for metals
  84. Computerized object counter cum decoder
  85. Computerized object counter, recorder & analyzer for products
  86. Computerized quality control system for diary
  87. Computerized quality control system for dry fruit processing unit
  88. Computerized quality control system for food industries
  89. Computerized quality control system for motors
  90. Computerized railway traffic controller to prevent accidents
  91. Computerized satellite tracking system
  92. Computerized security system
  93. Computerized system for automatic information server for transport corporations
  94. Computerized system for quality management
  95. Computerized tele-informer for banks
  96. Computerized temperature monitor
  97. Computerized training aid for mentally retarded
  98. Computerized visitor counter cum token number display
  99. Computerized voice operated form feeder
  100. Computerized water analyzer & purifier
  101. Computerized weather station
  102. Copying with AV recorders
  103. Cordless remote keyboard
  104. Cordless remote mouse for computers
  105. Cordless security system
  106. Customized TV game system
  107. Data acquisition system for OC
  108. Data logger for DMM
  109. DC Motor Test Bench
  110. Digital audio / visual system
  111. Digital bank token display
  112. Digital code lock
  113. Digital coil / transformer winding machine
  114. Digital coil winding machine
  115. Digital compass
  116. Digital I/O card for PC's
  117. Digital microscope
  118. Digital microscopic image projector
  119. Digital on / off controller
  120. Digital score board
  121. Digital speed controlled for motors.
  122. Digital switching system for industries
  123. Digital talking clock module
  124. Digital temperature recorder
  125. Digital thermometer with RS-232 interface
  126. Digital weighing machine
  127. Digital world time reader
  128. Digitally controlled telephone answering machine
  129. Digitally variable push button power supply
  130. Dish antenna motorized tracking system
  131. Door bell or telephone operated flash light
  132. DTMF remote monitoring system
  133. E.C.G machine
  134. E-commerce package for internet user
  135. Electrical power generator using foot steps
  136. Electro-chemical pest control system for farmers
  137. Electromagnetic compatibility tester
  138. Electronic accelerometer
  139. Electronic air pollution detector
  140. Electronic car dashboard
  141. Electronic car monitoring system
  142. Electronic card lock system
  143. Electronic code lock
  144. Electronic gas meter
  145. Electronic heard to soft water converter
  146. Electronic identity card security system
  147. Electronic induction cocker / heater
  148. Electronic lie detector
  149. Electronic office call bell system
  150. Electronic pantograph
  151. Electronic plant physiology
  152. Electronic sand-glass
  153. Electronic telephone demonstrator
  154. Electronic voting machine
  155. Electronic water pollution monitor
  156. Emi source tracer
  157. Fabrication of two wheeler head light dim-bright control system
  158. Fence wire burglar alarm
  159. Fluid level monitor
  160. Four-fold DAC card for PCs
  161. Fully Protected Power Supply
  162. Function generator with LCD display
  163. Fuzzy logic based temperature Controller
  164. Gas leakage detector
  165. Gas sensing fire alarm system
  166. General purpose infra-red buffer
  167. General purpose infra-red volume control
  168. General purpose sensor monitor
  169. Home automation modem
  170. Home security system with timer action
  171. Hopper Filling system
  172. Image classification for satellite images
  173. Infrared controlled noiseless volume control
  174. Infra-red controlled switch
  175. Infrared controller dimmer governor for induction motors
  176. Infra-red light gate
  177. Infra-red RS-232 link
  178. Intelligent Braking system
  179. Intelligent remote telephone call transfer system
  180. Interactive voice assisted tele-product finder
  181. Interactive web designing package
  182. Internet based remote device operation
  183. Internet linked zone control/monitoring system
  184. Ionization chamber smoke detector
  185. Ionization type smoke alarm
  186. Joystick - to - mouse adapter
  187. Light and fan interface with pc
  188. Light effects generator
  189. Logic analyzer
  190. Logic probe for buffer ICs
  191. Mains frequency & phase detector
  192. Mains remote control of fans
  193. Mains signaling system
  194. Mains-power on delay
  195. Manuel EPROM programmer cum verifier
  196. Matrix key pad encoder
  197. MCB Test bench
  198. Micro PLC system
  199. Microcontroller development / test tool
  200. Microwave field strength meter
  201. Microwave grain moisture meter
  202. Mini auto DAC
  203. Mini digital oscilloscope
  204. Mobile over speed Indication controlling system
  205. Modern care service module
  206. Morse decoders
  207. Moving message display using EPROM
  208. Multi- channel data acquisition system
  209. Multi-bit data encrypt./decrypt. S/w for internet
  210. Multi-channel home monitoring system
  211. Multi-channel industrial activity monitoring system
  212. Multi-channel logic analyzer
  213. Multi-channel monitoring system
  214. Multi-channel water level monitor cum controller
  215. Multifunction home monitoring system
  216. Multifunction industrial activity monitoring system
  217. Multi-point fuel injection system for motor vehicles
  218. Optical fiber digital step controller
  219. Optical pyrometer
  220. Opto - to - coaxial audio converter
  221. Paging system for blinds
  222. Parallel to serial converter
  223. Parking sonar for four wheelers
  224. Pc based access control system
  225. Pc based am/fm receiver IC analyzer
  226. Pc based digital microscope computerized zone control system
  227. Pc based fingerprint analyzer cum verifier
  228. Pc based function generator
  229. Pc based liquid level analyzer
  230. PC based metal sample analyzer
  231. PC based metal sample detector
  232. PC based microscopic image projector
  233. PC based moving message display
  234. PC based plotter driver
  235. PC based programmable IR remote control
  236. PC based seven segments rolling display
  237. PC based stepper motor controller
  238. PC based system for automatic bill payments
  239. PC based teaching aid for mentally retarded
  240. PC based telephone linked product directory
  241. PC based token number displayer
  242. PC based video copy processor
  243. PC based visitor counter
  244. PC based voice recognition system
  245. PC based water sample analyzer
  246. PIC - controlled home alarm system
  247. PID temperature controller for furnaces.
  248. Plant humidity monitor
  249. Points control for model railways
  250. Point-to-point PC comm. Using laser
  251. Poly Propylene Sheet Mfg control System
  252. Portable data logger
  253. Precise Digital Ac Power Controller
  254. Precision clock for PCs
  255. Precision power supply
  256. Precision temperature controller for industries
  257. Product / material / fault finding system for industries
  258. Programmable digital controller for street lights
  259. Programmable digital time switch
  260. Programmable fuel injection system systems for motor vehicles
  261. Programmable switching system
  262. Pulse generator for AV recorders
  263. R/C interface for PC flight simulator
  264. Radar controlled door opener for
  265. Radio controlled motor speed controller
  266. Relative humidity sensor
  267. Remote car security system
  268. Remote control by telephone
  269. Remote controlled servo system
  270. Remote controlled switch board
  271. Remote controlling of devices using cell phones
  272. Remote digital step controller
  273. Remote industrial security system
  274. Remote monitoring of physical parameters using telemetry
  275. Remote operation of devices using GSM system
  276. Remote temperature sensing
  277. RF id system for animals
  278. RF id system for trains
  279. RF id system for workers
  280. Robot for automatic process control
  281. Room call service reminder
  282. Route tracer cum cable fault finder
  283. RS- 232 interface for A/D converter ici7106
  284. Semi Automatic Remote Controlled Diesel Engine
  285. Serial 12-bit a/d converter
  286. Short range communication system for PCs
  287. Signal controlled switch
  288. Simple A/D converter
  289. Simple I/O card
  290. Simple relay and sensor interface for pc
  291. Simplified photocopier using computers
  292. Smart card operated code lock
  293. Smart card reader/writer
  294. Soil analyzer for farmers
  295. Solar agro sprayer
  296. Solar home lighting system
  297. Solar Tracking system
  298. Solar-traffic control system
  299. Solid - state digital power controller
  300. Solid State Power Controller
  301. Spike detector
  302. Stamp basic computer
  303. Stamp security system
  304. Stepper motor control
  305. Stereo mixer for recording studio
  306. Strategic fire alarm
  307. Surround sound audio system
  308. Tele - text decoder for PCs
  309. Tele-data logger for industries
  310. Telemetry demodulator
  311. Telephone controlled remote switch
  312. Telephone- operated night light
  313. Tele-remote result announcement system for universities
  314. Temperature controlled fan
  315. Temperature recorder using pc
  316. Touch controlled programmable power supply
  317. Transformer Monitoring System
  318. TV add - on card for monitors
  319. TV receiver cum monitor
  320. Two - way PC - fax interface
  321. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner
  322. Universal control for stepper motors
  323. Universal power - on delay
  324. Universal time switch
  325. Universal warning device
  326. Voice command for device control using pc
  327. Voice operated recording
  328. Voltage transducer for pc
  329. V-to-f converter
  330. Water heater controller
  331. Web based electronic yellow pages
  332. Wide-band radiation monitor
  333. Windmill power Generator system
  334. Wireless home security system



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