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                  Mechanical Project Titles

  1. Accident avoid system for heavy cutting m/c mechanism 
  2. Accident prevention system for railways using GPS
  3. Aero plane controlling system (glider model) agitator
  4. Agriculture motor pump running using solar power
  5. Ai based automatic traffic light system
  6. Air leak detector 
  7. Antenna / dish tracking system for automobiles (model) 
  8. Auto braking system
  9. Auto clutch for automobile
  10. Auto gear changer  
  11. Auto gearing system
  12. Auto lisp application development
  13. Auto shape finder
  14. Auto signaling for train in level crossing
  15. Automated dimensioning machine
  16. Automated material transferring system
  17. Automatic ac on/off   system for cars
  18. Automatic acrylic sheet bending machine (heater control) 
  19. Automatic air pressure checking and filling mechanism for scooter of car
  20. Automatic bar feeding mechanism
  21. Automatic blanking machine
  22. Automatic change over for generator to mains supply 
  23. Automatic coil winding machine   
  24. Automatic cone releaser
  25. Automatic crane system
  26. Automatic cylinder boring m/c 
  27. Automatic dam shutter control system 
  28. Automatic drill bits / drill check changing for various drill holes 
  29. Automatic drilling m/c 
  30. Automatic drilling machine
  31. Automatic electronic plant watering system 
  32. Automatic filing system
  33. Automatic gate opening 
  34. Automatic gear changer
  35. Automatic hammer striker
  36. Automatic high way horn changeover
  37. Automatic injection molding
  38. Automatic lubricating system
  39. Automatic lubrication system    
  40. Automatic mileage projector
  41. Automatic motorized glass door open/close mechanism 
  42. Automatic panel system 
  43. Automatic poor quality rejecter
  44. Automatic porch light
  45. Automatic pressure controller/cum valve open/close arrangement 
  46. Automatic PVC pipe cutting machine
  47. Automatic quality testing system
  48. Automatic railway gate control system
  49. Automatic railway gate system
  50. Automatic rain operated wiper
  51. Automatic rain operated wiper 
  52. Automatic remote diesel starter 
  53. Automatic screen printing machine 
  54. Automatic sealing machine
  55. Automatic tool store
  56. Automatic typical pipe cutting m/c 
  57. Automatic vehicle supervisor
  58. Automatic vulcanizing system 
  59. Automatic wash basin 
  60. Automatic weighting/packing machine 
  61. Automobile electronic panel system
  62. Band saw cutting machine
  63. Basins listen cum seeder
  64. Battery car
  65. Battery car with rechargeable system
  66. Battery cycle 
  67. Blood / glucose flow rate controller (motorized) 
  68. Bottle vending machine
  69. Brake failure indicator
  70. Brand bed former cum seeder
  71. Burnishing m/c 
  72. Car / two wheeler automatic headlight dim & bright controller              
  73. Car air purifier
  74. Car or bus reverse operation navigation system ( using IR eye ) 
  75. Car security system using GPS
  76. Car speed recorder
  77. Chicken skin peeler
  78. Chisel plough
  79. Choft coffer
  80. CNC bar feeding machine
  81. CNC drilling m/c 
  82. CNC hacksaw m/c for sheet cutting 
  83. CNC pallet changer for drilling machine
  84. CNC punching m/c 
  85. CNC thermo coal cutting machine
  86. Coconut tree sprayer
  87. Code wider
  88. Coin vending machine
  89. Complete digital of engine and parts
  90. Computer controlled PCB drilling machine
  91. Computer controlled servo indexing table
  92. Computer controlled vehicle
  93. Convert your tap or salty bore well water into purest,
  94. -tastiest bottled quality drinking water 
  95. Coolant monitoring system
  96. Cordless communication system for cars
  97. D & F abrasive cutting m/c 
  98. D & F carbon manufacturing m/c 
  99. D & F electric two wheeler with rechargeable
    1. battery and indicating panel (foldable type)                                                                                           
  100. D & F floor cleaning m/c 
  101. D & F hand operated spring rolling m/c 
  102. D & F of abrasive belt grinder 
  103. D & F of abrasive jet m/c  
  104. D & F of automatic coil winding m/c    
  105. D & F of automatic drilling and tapping m/c
  106. D & F of automatic embossing drilling m/c 
  107. D & F of automatic spring rolling m/c 
  108. D & F of cam and code method of sliding machine 
  109. D & F of circular cutting m/c
  110. D & F of concave attachments for lather
  111. D & F of coolant pump with fitting 
  112. D & F of double yarn twist system 
  113. D & F of electric two wheeler 
  114. D & F of foldable electric two-wheeler
  115. D & F of folding mobile
  116. D & F of gas converted power sprayer
  117. D & F of gear type injection molding m/c 
  118. D & F of high pressure multistage pump 
  119. D & F of hot & cold water dispenser
  120. D & F of hot and cold water dispenser 
  121. D & F of hydraulic injection moulding m/c
  122. D & F of involutes gear profile error detector               
  123. D & f of kits bike 
  124. D & f of micro boarding attachment
  125. D & f of multistage pump 
  126. D & f of pneumatic bearing press system          
  127. D & f of pneumatic cutting and grinding m/c
  128. D & f of pneumatic injection moulding m/c
  129. D & f of pneumatic reciprocating water pumping system 
  130. D & f of pneumatic vice           
  131. D & f of rotary gear pump 
  132. D & f of scissor plat form m/c (hydraulic)
  133. D & f of scissors platform m/c 
  134. D & f of screw slotting m/c 
  135. D & f of self primary centrifugal pump 
  136. D & f of slow & high speed drilling m/c 
  137. D & f of soft start couplings
  138. D & f of swimming pool cleaner 
  139. D & f of triangular air compressor 
  140. D & f of triangular air compressor with common compressor chamber   
  141. D & f of two stage self primary pump 
  142. D & f wall grove cutting m/c 
  143. Dash board automation.
  144. Data acquisition system with GSM modem
  145. Data logger for f1 racers
  146. Design & fabrication of seed sprayer 
  147. Design and fabrication of injection moulding m/c
  148. Design of effluent treatment plant
  149. Design of mosaic polishing machine 
  150. Development and fabrication of modern burner cum room - heater 
  151. Digital controller coil winding system 
  152. Digital fuel usage monitors
  153. Digital ignition sequencer
  154. Digital over load indicator for vehicle
  155. Digital pressure indicator for wheels
  156. Dish antenna tracking system for automatic or remote 
  157. Diviner cutter (gas cutting) 
  158. Driver position replay through VR and AI processing
  159. Electrical hammer mechanism 
  160. Electrical spot welding m/c 
  161. Electromagnetic breaking system 
  162. Electronic braking system 
  163. Electronic hacksaw 
  164. Electronic lamination m/c 
  165. Electronic numeric keyboard cum motorized (mechanism)
  166. -safety locking system with electronic security system 
  167. Electronic water filter cum auto filling system 
  168. Electronic weather clock 
  169. Emergency braking system                   
  170. Emergency pneumatic braking system for four wheelers
  171. Energy saving lighting arrangement 
  172. F of car, two wheeler head-light dim-bright controller
  173. F of activated carbon manufacturing plant
  174. F of air conditioning machine
  175. F of air dryer
  176. F of automatic envelope folding machine
  177. F of battery cycle
  178. F of black box for automobile
  179. F of bottle cooler
  180. F of cooling tower
  181. F of double reflection solar cooker
  182. F of drilling m/c with key way attachment
  183. F of drilling m/c with tapping attachment
  184. F of electric two wheeler
  185. F of electric two wheeler with rechargeable battery       
  186. F of gas kit circuit board for two & four wheeler
  187. F of gas kit for four wheeler
  188. F of gas kit for power sprayer
  189. F of gas kit for three wheeler
  190. F of gas kit for two & four wheeler
  191. F of hand-operated-pneumatic robot
  192. F of hydraulic hammer
  193. F of hydraulic hand operated bus bar bender
  194. F of hydraulic jack       
  195. F of hydraulic kit with power pack
  196. F of hydraulic liner puller
  197. F of hydraulic pipe bending m/c
  198. F of hydraulic pressure testing pump
  199. F of hydraulic puller
  200. F of hydro pneumatic vice
  201. F of mini water heater
  202. F of motorized jack
  203. F of oil pump of water pump for jeep and tractor
  204. F of pneumatic 3/8th inc. Reversible drilling attachment
  205. F of pneumatic grinding m/c
  206. F of pneumatic material handling device
  207. F of pneumatic pick & place robot
  208. F of pneumatic printing press system    
  209. F of pneumatic punching m/c    
  210. F of pneumatic reciprocating saw m/c
  211. F of pneumatic sander & polisher m/c
  212. F of pneumatic screw driver m/c
  213. F of pneumatic trainer kit with air compressor   
  214. F of power generation using highway speed brake system
  215. F of power generation using steps
  216. F of refrigeration system (trainer)
  217. F of remote operated belt conveyor
  218. F of remote operated pneumatic robot
  219. F of solar agro sprayer
  220. F of solar air cooler
  221. F of solar cooker
  222. F of solar cycle
  223. F of solar fan with light
  224. F of solar lighting system          
  225. F of solar operated automobile air cooler
  226. F of solar power packing system
  227. F of solar water heater system  
  228. F of two wheeler pipe shock absorber bends removing m/c
  229. F of ultimate auto security system
  230. F of vulcanizing m/c
  231. F of water cooler cum air cooler
  232. F of water heater
  233. Fabrication of cotton tape manufacturing m/c 
  234. Fabricating of micro holes driller
  235. Fabrication of "u" bending 80 pipe bending m/c 
  236. Fabrication of absorption dryer 
  237. Fabrication of air cooler
  238. Fabrication of arbor presses m/c 
  239. Fabrication of automatic cone winding
  240. Fabrication of automatic steering system 
  241. Fabrication of bending removing press 
  242. Fabrication of bottling of sugarcane juice machine 
  243. Fabrication of brass screw threading and tapping m/c 
  244. Fabrication of CAM vice         
  245. Fabrication of chapatti maker m/c 
  246. Fabrication of coffee seeds, of leaf remove and cleaning m/c 
  247. Fabrication of coil winding machine
  248. Fabrication of concave attachment for shaper 
  249. Fabrication of conduct pipe bending machine 
  250. Fabrication of copper wire cutting m/c 
  251. Fabrication of cylinder block boring machine 
  252. Fabrication of diesel engine (trainer) 
  253. Fabrication of disc break 
  254. Fabrication of drilling machine with variable speed drive in level method 
  255. Fabrication of drilling machine with variable speed drive in screw method
  256. Fabrication of duplicate key making machine
  257. Fabrication of eccentric press m/c 
  258. Fabrication of electro magnetic break 
  259. Fabrication of fly press m/c 
  260. Fabrication of gas kit for two wheeler   
  261. Fabrication of grass cutting m/c 
  262. Fabrication of hand operated bending m/c 
  263. Fabrication of hand operated edge folding machine 
  264. Fabrication of hand operated treating machine 
  265. Fabrication of hardness testing m/c 
  266. Fabrication of home flour mill 
  267. Fabrication of hydraulic hand operated "electrometric" pipe bending m/c 
  268. Fabrication of hydraulic hand operated pipe bending m/c 
  269. Fabrication of hydraulic press
  270. Fabrication of key way milling machine
  271. Fabrication of L.L.D.P. Material extruder (H.M.H.D.P.P. Material) 
  272. Fabrication of lathe coolant pump with fitting arrangements 
  273. Fabrication of level operated conical bending roller m/c 
  274. Fabrication of milking m/c 
  275. Fabrication of mini hydraulic press 
  276. Fabrication of mini lathe 
  277. Fabrication of mini size laminating machine ( 3 types ) 
  278. Fabrication of motor control pump running with remote control method 20  
  279. Fabrication of multi drilling head with self feeder 
  280. Fabrication of oil pump and water pump for cars, jeeps and tractors 
  281. Fabrication of oven
  282. Fabrication of plate bending m/c 
  283. Fabrication of PCB drilling m/c 
  284. Fabrication of pneumatic belt conveyor 
  285. Fabrication of popcorn maker m/c 
  286. Fabrication of portable drilling m/c (with wonder cutter ) 
  287. Fabrication of pulverize
  288. Fabrication of roller burnishing tool       
  289. Fabrication of room cooler & heater 
  290. Fabrication of rotary vane pump 
  291. Fabrication of rubber melting m/c                              
  292. Fabrication of self feed drilling head 
  293. Fabrication of semi circular cutting m/c 
  294. Fabrication of semi-automatic ramming m/c
  295. Fabrication of sheet metal cutting
  296. Fabrication of sheet straightening m/c 
  297. Fabrication of slotting method used in drilling machine
  298. Fabrication of soda making m/c 
  299. Fabrication of solar air cooler
  300. Fabrication of tapping m/c (pitch control tapping m/c) 
  301. Fabrication of tilt able extension ladder
  302. Fabrication of tool post grinder
  303. Fabrication of top and bottom seaming m/c 
  304. Fabrication of vacuum pump 
  305. Fabrication of vacuum pump 
  306. Fabrication of variable drive gear box 
  307. Fabrication of wind mill
  308. Fabrication of wood turning lathe m/c 
  309. Fabrication of yarn pigment tester
  310. Folding mobile with gas and petrol 
  311. Fuel gauge meter 
  312. Fuel tap open / close reminder 
  313. Gas monitoring system
  314. GPS based tracking system for automobiles
  315. GPS online tracking with GSM modem
  316. Groundnut harvester
  317. Groundnut thruster
  318. Halogen lamp using light depending resistor sensor            
  319. High speed sensing automatic speed breaking system 
  320. Highways high speed (vehicle) sensing & automatic speed breaking system       
  321. Highways high speed sensing and automatic speed braking system
  322. Hire meter for automobile
  323. Hydraulic cylinder
  324. Hydraulic noodles machine.
  325. Hydraulic power pack
  326. Hydraulic puller for automobile engines 
  327. Hydraulic scissor jack
  328. Hydraulic screw jack
  329. Indexing table for drilling machine
  330. Industrial boiler flame remote adjustment system 
  331. Intelligent braking system
  332. Intelligent car lighting system
  333. Irrigation channel former
  334. Jigs and fixtures
  335. Lift controlling system (model) interact 
  336. Liquid mixer
  337. Long handled wider
  338. Machine monitoring system
  339. Magnetic iron separator 
  340. Magnetic locker 
  341. Magnetic shock absorber for automobile (model)
  342. Manual injection molding
  343. Measurement using image processing
  344. Metal detector
  345. Mini crushing m/c 
  346. Mini milling machine
  347. Mini portable gen-set 
  348. Mobile air cooler
  349. Mobile electronic navigating mechanism
  350. Mobile over speed controlling system
  351. Mobile over speed indicator 
  352. Mobile wheel position indicator 
  353. Model highway road curve finder 
  354. Motor pump tuning using solar power
  355. Money transfer security with miniature GPS
  356. Motor tracking system using remote sensing 
  357. Motorized crane 
  358. Motorized focus light tracking mechanism (in all direction) 
  359. Motorized power jack
  360. Motorized wheel chair for physically disabled 
  361. Musical water fountain system 
  362. New bust stopping arrangement 
  363. Non conventional air compressor
  364. Numeric control gate locking system 
  365. Numeric controller gate locking system 
  366. OBD adapter for automobiles
  367. Off line tracking system with GPS
  368. Online tracking system with GPS
  369. Over head tank remote indicator cum controlling system 
  370. Packing control machine for industry (model) 
  371. Paddy drain co-seeder
  372. Paddy harvester
  373. Paddy thresher
  374. Paddy transplanted
  375. Pedestal spot welding m/c 
  376. Paint mixing machine
  377. Paper counting m/c 
  378. Payload monitoring system
  379. PC based plate cutting machine
  380. PCB drilling machine 
  381. Plant water splashing mechanism 
  382. Pneumatic auto feed sheet cutting m/c
  383. Pneumatic auto-feed drilling machine
  384. Pneumatic belt conveyor
  385. Pneumatic controlled door locking system
  386. Pneumatic cylinder
  387. Pneumatic door opener
  388. Pneumatic hand drilling
  389. Pneumatic hand grinder
  390. Pneumatic operated mobile crane
  391. Pneumatic punching and reverting m/c
  392. Pneumatic punching machine
  393. Pneumatic reciprocating water pumping system
  394. Pneumatic sheet-cutting machine
  395. Portable cutting machine 
  396. Power jack operating through remote
  397. Power rotary wider
  398. Power steering using servo actuators
  399. Production line monitoring system
  400. Programmable gas cutting machine
  401. Programmable hopper with computer control
  402. Programmable ratio controller
  403. Prototype GPS
  404. Punching machine 
  405. Remote car security system 
  406. Remote material handler
  407. Remote metal detector 
  408. Remote motorized gas stove on/off with flame adjustment system 
  409. Remote operated solar car
  410. Re-automatic washing m/c 
  411. Rigger seeder
  412. Robot controlled vacuum cleaner 
  413. Room / toilet automatic perfume spray m/c 
  414. Rotating dish antenna (model) 
  415. Satellite antenna for GPS
  416. Seed sprayer
  417. Sheet metal bend removing machine
  418. Shocks absorber testing machine 
  419. Shop floor monitoring system
  420. Signaling IR beacon for hill stations
  421. Single axis sliding table
  422. Single cylinder double acting pump
  423. Sliding table for grinding machine
  424. Small clamps / angles bending m/c 
  425. SMS operated vehicle
  426. Solar agro sprayer
  427. Solar air-dryer 
  428. Solar based oven
  429. Solar car
  430. Solar guided vehicle
  431. Solar guided vehicle
  432. Solar home lighting system
  433. Solar operated automobile wiper (automatic)
  434. Solar operated vehicle
  435. Solar power generation with auto tracking system
  436. Solar power operated automobile air conditioner
  437. Solar seed dryer
  438. Solar sheets prayer
  439. Solar street lighting system (automatic)
  440. Solar traffic control system
  441. Solar water cooling system
  442. Solar water heater
  443. Solar water heating system
  444. Solid state ignition
  445. Spark plug tester 
  446. Store automation with MRP
  447. Temperature control with cooling system 
  448. Tractor drawn seeder
  449. Trencher
  450. Turmeric harvester
  451. Two axis sliding table
  452. Two wheeler engine art section model
  453. Two wheeler pipe, shock observer, hydraulic bending removing m/c 
  454. Ultrasonic radar for highway drivers
  455. U-type, v-type, l-type angle bending m/c 
  456. U.V rays water cleaning cum continuous water supply mechanism
  457. Valve teen in kitchen (cooker operating system) 
  458. Vehicle battery monitoring in digital
  459. Vehicle guiding through remote
  460. Vehicle obstacle indicator and auto braking
  461. Vehicle speed measuring using IR rays information reader 
  462. Vehicle status monitoring system
  463. Vehicle tampering protection
  464. Vehicle theft alarm
  465. Video camera motorized tracking mechanism (all directions) 
  466. Virtual reality based driver trainers
  467. Voice operated vehicle
  468. Water turbine power generating system
  469. Windmill power generating system
  470. X-rays plotter mechanism 
  471. Yarn detector and breaking controller 



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