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                we offer PC based projects,   Electrical Technology related to measurements,  Mechanical Technology related to measurements,  Optical material testing,  Optical Technology related to measurements,      Other Non Destructive Testing,  Sensor Technology related to measurements,  Machining (turning, drilling, moulding, milling, planning, cutting).

                  PC Based Project Titles  

  1. Add on board 24-I/O

  2. Advanced wireless apartment security system.

  3. Answering machine cum auto dialing call transfer.

  4. Arbitrary waveform generator

  5. Attendance system for industries

  6. Attractive electronic voting machine

  7. Auto leveling robot for bore well motors

  8. Automatic drilling machine

  9. Automatic house cleaner

  10. Automatic pathfinder robot

  11. Automatic PCB drilling machine

  12. Automatic pressure controller with valve open/close arrangement.

  13. Automatic solar irrigation system

  14. Automatic welding machine

  15. Banking software

  16. Bio-medical transmission and monitoring through fiber optic cable

  17. Boiler control system.

  18. Closed loop speed control of a universal motor.

  19. CNC controlled drilling machine.

  20. CNC controlled lathe

  21. Code locking system

  22. Computerized EB billing systems via power line

  23. Constant job doing robot

  24. Crack detector robot

  25. Debit cards

  26. Developing of PCB designs software

  27. Digital inductance & capacitance meter

  28. Digital photographic system

  29. Digital weighing analyzer for Weigh Bridge

  30. Dish positioned

  31. ECG analyzer

  32. EPROM programmer

  33. Fiber optic communication trainer kit

  34. Fiber based data transmission system.

  35. Fire detector robot

  36. Fire fighter

  37. Floppy disk monitor

  38. Four channel temperature controller

  39. Frequency analyzer

  40. Fuzzy & PID comparison of speed controller

  41. Fuzzy applied fire sensing robot

  42. Fuzzy based ECG analyzer

  43. Fuzzy logic based heat exchanger controller

  44. Hoarding management software

  45. House security system using LASER

  46. Humidification for textile industries

  47. IC tester

  48. Image processing software

  49. Image processing through ADC

  50. Incoming number display system in telephone

  51. Industrial controller through fiber optic cable

  52. Isolated RS-232 interface

  53. Level and temperature controller

  54. Lift controller

  55. Machine design software

  56. Magnetic card reader

  57. Mark sheet preparation software

  58. Maximum demand controller

  59. MC to PC communication through telephone line

  60. Mini robot car

  61. Motor controller 10 A/C motor

  62. Motor controller single phase ac motor

  63. Motor monitoring system

  64. Motor speed & direction monitoring system

  65. Motor speed control using IR

  66. Moving message display

  67. Multi channel fire alarm in remote sensing

  68. Multimedia advertising

  69. Networking of industrial parameter

  70. Object sensing and pick & place robot pneumatic controlled robot

  71. Office automation system

  72. On line inspection robot

  73. Optical fiber communication kit

  74. Patient care monitoring system

  75. Patient monitoring system through fiber optic cable

  76. Patient treatment recorder

  77. PC based robot

  78. PC based a/c

  79. PC based boiler control system

  80. PC based CRO

  81. PC based ECG waveform analyzer through telephone line

  82. PC based fuzzy logic multivariable controller

  83. PC based higher resolution crack detection with plotting

  84. PC based IC tester

  85. PC based image grabber

  86. PC based impedance relay

  87. PC based inductance motor control system with

-         PID control action pc based data logger for process station

  1. PC based machine shop machine automation

  2. PC based motor management

  3. PC based pick & AVR programmer

  4. PC based programmable coil winding machine

  5. PC based protection monitoring system for textile

  6. PC based RS-232 controlled 8-channel switch using extended mode LPT port

  7. PC based servo motor controller

  8. PC based standard remote data acquisition system for 2 machines

  9. PC based stepper motor controller

  10. PC based temperature and speed control system for plastic molding machine

  11. PC based temperature controller

  12. PC based yarn lee strength measurement

  13. PC interface for can lines

  14. PC remote stepper motor controller

  15. PC to MC based digital wind anemometer

  16. PC to MC communication with USB port

  17. PC to MC laser communication

  18. PC to PC communication

  19. PC to PC IR communication

  20. PC to PC LASER communication

  21. PC to PC through telephone line

  22. PC to PC communication through telephone line

  23. Personal computer trainer system

  24. PH measurement

  25. PH, temperature and level controller

  26. Plate cutting machine

  27. PLC based objects.

  28. Power steering robot for automobiles

  29. Pre-payable user card for telephone

  30. Pressure measurement

  31. Production for I/O parts

  32. Programmable coil winding machine

  33. Pulse monitor

  34. Recorder cum security system

  35. Remote control cum path finder

  36. Remote control of a programmable electronic dimmer

  37. Remote control robot

  38. Remote control through fiber optic cable

  39. Remote EB billing system through power line using pc

  40. Remote pre-settable speed control universal motor through power line or fm.

  41. Remote printing system using wireless system

  42. Remote stepper motor controller

  43. Robotic using tissue analyzer process

  44. RS- 232 controlled 8 - channel switch using extended mode LPT port.

  45. Solar data logger

  46. Solar panel tracking robot

  47. Speech controlled dos command operation

  48. Speech synthesizer

  49. Stepper motor controller

  50. Stepper motor direction & speed control

  51. Supervisory controller

  52. Tank level indicator through telephone line

  53. Tele switching with DTMF decoder

  54. Telephone incoming number display

  55. Telephone operated lights

  56. Telephone operated pick & place robot PC based flow control for ph maintenance

  57. Telephone operated robot

  58. Temperature monitor and controller through telephone line

  59. Temperature & pressure control system for mixer

  60. Temperature and speed control system for plastic molding machine

  61. Temperature controller through fiber cable testing

  62. Three phase voltage sharing and load protector and auto cut-off & timer

  63. Thumb recognition drilling machine

  64. Traffic maintenance and monitoring system by sensors (advanced)

  65. Ultrasonic level measurement & control

  66. UPS monitoring system

  67. USB port interfacing technique

  68. VLSI based wireless attendance

  69. Voice coding and decoding

  70. Voice dialing

  71. Voice operated robot

  72. Weather reporter

  73. Wind mill control with phase synchronizer

  74. Wind mill controller

  75. Wireless home security system using pc

  76. Wireless electronic voting machine

  77. Wireless transmission of biomedical



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