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  Part Time B.E

 We offer Final Year Projects, in power electronics, Boost, constant frequency, control, discontinuous conduction mode (DCM), power-factor correction (PFC), Bridgeless boost, power factor correction (PFC), digital signal processing (DSP), adjustable power factor, energy regeneration, generalized zero voltage space vectors, dead-band control, electric vehicle; unit power factor; DC fast charger, PWM rectifier; phase-shift full-bridge,  Power Quality and Harmonics, Power factor compensation, Active Power Filters, DSP Control, Cascade control, Robust, PID control, Fuzzy, ripple compensation.

Power Electronics Titles

         ME (Power Electronics and Drives)

         Due importance is accorded to both subjects and dissertation work. Each of these Projects are handled by chosen, experienced staff, and is complemented by senior practicing experts from reputed industry. The dissertation work is supervised meticulously by our specialized faculty.

          Phase 1 and Phase II

      Number of Projects per academic year - 50 Numbers  Including Funded Projects . Selection Process - First come First serve Basis.

  1. Three phase inverter and converters

  2. Buck Boost Converter using 89s51

  3.  Matrix Converter Using Micro Controllers

  4.  Inverter and converter topologies

  5.  Fuzzy based control of Electric Drives.

  6. Optimal design of Electrical Machines

  7. BLDC and SR motor Drives

  8. High-Step-Up and High-Efficiency Fuel-Cell Power-Generation System With ActiveClamp Flyback–Forward Converter

  9. Adaptive DC-Link Voltage-Controlled Hybrid Active Power Filters for Reactive Power Compensation

  10.  Eliminating Leakage Currents in Neutral Point Clamped Inverters for Photovoltaic Systems

  11.  Modeling and Control of Dual-stage High-power Multifunctional PV System in d-q-o Coordinate

  12.  Hybrid Rectifier With Near-Sinusoidal Input Currents

  13.  Active Damping of Output LC Filter Resonance for Vector-Controlled VSI-Fed AC Motor Drives

  14.  DC Link Active Power Filter for Three-Phase Diode Rectifier

  15.  A ZVS-PWM Three-Phase Current-Fed Push-Pull DC-DC Converter

  16.  A Single-Switch AC/DC Flyback Converter Using a CCM/DCM Quasi-Active Power
    Factor Correction

  17.  Active Power Filter Control Strategy with Implicit Closed Loop Current Control and
    Resonant Controller

  18.  General Active Global Stabilization of Multiloads DC-Power Networks

  19.  Power Electronic Hybrid System for Load Balancing Compensation and Frequency- Selective Harmonic Suppression

  20.  A Lyapunov-Function-Based Control for a Three-Phase Shunt Hybrid Active Filter

  21.  A Robust Adaptive Control Strategy of Active Power Filters for Power-Factor

  22.  Correction, Harmonic Compensation, and Balancing of Nonlinear Loads

  23.  Buck Converter With Merged Active Charge-Controlled Capacitive Attenuation

  24.  Low-Cost Direct Torque Control Algorithm for Induction Motor Without AC Phase Current Sensors

  25.  High-Frequency Resonant SEPIC Converter With Wide Input and Output Voltage Ranges

  26.  A Novel Single-Stage High-Power-Factor AC-to-DC LED Driving Circuit With LeakageInductance Energy Recycling

  27.  Feed-Forward Compensator of Operating Frequency for APWM HB Flyback Converter

  28.  Soft-Switching Boost Converter With a Flyback Snubber for High Power Applications

  29. Modularized Buck-Boost + Cuk Converter for High Voltage Series Connected Battery Cells

  30.  New Efficient Bridgeless Cuk Rectifiers for PFC Applications

  31.  Interleaved Buck Converter Having Low Switching Losses and Improved Step-Down Conversion Ratio

  32. Analysis and Design of Active NPC (ANPC) Inverters for Fault-Tolerant Operation of High-Power Electrical Drives

  33.  A Five-Level Inverter Topology with Single-DC Supply by Cascading a Flying Capacitor Inverter and an H-Bridge

  34.  Modeling and Control for a Bidirectional Buck–Boost Cascade Inverter

  35.  Multilevel Current Waveform Generation Using Inductor Cells and H-Bridge Current- Source Inverter

  36.  A Low Cost Flyback CCM Inverter for AC Module Application

  37.  Three-Phase Dual-Buck Inverter With Unified Pulsewidth Modulation

  38.  A Safety Enhanced, High Step-Up DC–DC Converter for AC Photovoltaic Module Application

  39.  Single-Phase to Three-Phase Power Converters: State of the Art

  40.  A Novel Single-Phase Five-Level Inverter With Coupled Inductors

  41.  A Filtered SVPWM for Multiphase Voltage Source Inverters Considering Finite Pulse- Width Resolution

  42.  Improved Modulation Schemes for Indirect Z-source Matrix Converter With
    Sinusoidal Input and Output Waveforms

  43.  Leakage Current Reduction in a Single-Phase Bidirectional AC–DC Full-Bridge Inverter

  44.  Space Vector Modulation Strategy Applied to Interphase Transformers-Based Five- Level Current Source Inverters

  45.  A Single to Three-Phase Z-source Matrix Converter

  46.  Sawtooth Switching Strategy Implementation for Indirect Matrix Converter

  47. Three-Phase Switched-Inductor Z-Source Matrix Converter

  48.  Three-Phase to Single-Phase Super-Sparse Matrix Converters

  49. Investigation of a 2/3-Step Voltage-Based Commutation Method for Matrix

  50.  A Novel SPWM Strategy for Single- to Three-Phase Matrix Converter

  51.  Carrier-based PWM Method for Four-Leg Very Sparse Matrix Converter

  52.  Matrix converter for two-phase induction Motor Application:Analysis, Modeling and Simulation

  53.  A Modified Single-Phase Quasi-Z-Source AC–AC Converter

  54.  Improved Time Optimal Control of a Buck Converter Based on Capacitor Current

  55.  MOSFET Switching Loss Model and Optimal Design of a Current Source Driver Considering the Current Diversion Problem

  56.  Design Flow for High Switching Frequency and Large-Bandwidth Analog DC/DC Step-Down Converters for a Polar Transmitter

  57.  A New High Efficiency Current Source Driver With Bipolar Gate Voltage

  58. Modeling and Control for a Bidirectional Buck–Boost Cascade Inverter

  59. Interleaved Buck Converter Having Low Switching Losses and Improved Step-Down Conversion Ratio

  60. Transformer design for a forwarded DC-DC converter.

  61.  Modeling of electric field distribution and partial discharge measurement and analysis.

  62.  Switched-mode power supply transformer design

  63.  Harmonics and conducted emi reduction in induction motor drives using switching and filtering techniques

  64.  Switch-mode power supply transformer design.

  65. An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)–Based MPPT for PV With Reduced Steady- State Oscillation

  66.  Modulated-Ramp PWM Generator for Linear Control of the Boost Converter’s Power Stage

  67.  Microcontroller-Based Peak Current Mode Control Using Digital Slope Compensation

  68.  A Ripple-Based Constant On-Time Control With Virtual Inductor Current and Offset  Cancellation for DC Power Converters

  69.  A Loss-Adaptive Self-Oscillating Buck Converter for LED Driving

  70.  Full-Bridge Three-Port Converters With Wide Input Voltage Range for Renewable Power Systems

  71. Implementation of sliding mode controller for boost converter

  72. Control strategies for DC motor using dual chopper

  73. Modeling and speed control of permanent magnet synchronous motor drive

  74. Performance of three phase self excited induction generator

  75. Utility frequency AC to high frequency AC power converter with boost-half bridge single stage circuit topology

  76. An investigation of a robust control logic for a switch mode DC – AC inverter

  77. Modeling and analysis of TSC controlled three phase self excited induction generator Control Strategies for active power filter

  78. A novel Switch – mode DC – AC inverter with nonlinear robust control
    Optimization of photovoltaic / wind generation system using PSO

  79. DSP based control of Non-conventional Energy source-fed DC-DC converter operating in parallel.

  80. Direct Torque control of Induction Motor.

  81. DSP based control of Non-conventional Energy source-fed DC-DC converter operating in parallel.

  82.  Benchmarking Energy consumption of commercial building.

  83. PLL less grid connected inverters for solar and wind energy conversion system

Further Research Opportunities: Students are Motivated to participate in research projects in the areas of, but not limited to: Control Systems, Power Electronics in Power systems, Power Systems Protection, High Voltage Transmission Systems, Power Electronics & Industrial Drives, Applications of Power Electronics.




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