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MATLAB Project Titles


MATLAB, developed and promoted by Maths Works Inc. is a software package for general-purpose numerical and scientific calculations. It can be used in almost in all fields of Science, Engineering and in any other field in which extensive mathematical simulation and visual interface are required. Using this, any physical system once modeled can be analyzed and the performance of the system can be computed. The response of the system in case of any change in the input or state can easily be analyzed. MATLAB offers excellent plotting features and graphics handling techniques (including three-dimensional plotting) so that the user can have a visual interface. MATLAB derives power from its built-in functions and mathematical for most common scientific and engineering systems.

 On the other hand, MATLAB provides a very strong programming environment, which is reasonably interactive. Like other languages it offers statements for input, output, logical & arithmetical manipulations, arrays, file I/O etc. Several library functions most frequently used mathematical models and powerful plotting techniques make MATLAB a superior tool for modeling and analyzing physical systems. Especially in engineering. These functions cover the areas of simple & complex arithmetical computations, differential equations, linear and non- linear systems and matrix manipulations etc.

        MATLAB Can be used for advanced mathematical functionalities, advanced system modeling,  Basic Electrical Circuit Analysis, Obtaining different characteristic plots for Control Systems, control systems, numerical methods, optimization and direct numerical
integration methods, Solving Power system static and dynamic problems,  and simulate intelligent systems. Listed herein are some project titles using MATLAB.

  1. Firefly applications for Power systems

  2. Soft computing in power systems

  3. AI methods in power systems

  4. PSO in power systems optimization

  5. Economic Dispatch in Power Systems

  6. Voltage stability Problems in Power Systems

  7. Simulation of A.C drives

  8. Vector control for A.C drives

  9. Power Upgrading of Transmission Line by Combining AC/DC Transmission

  10.  A Parallel-Connected Single Phase Power Factor Correction with Improved Efficiency

  11.  Impact of Reactive Power in Power Evacuation from Wind Turbines

  12.  A Novel Three-Phase to Five-Phase Transformation Using a Special Transformer Connection

  13.   Direct Torque Control of 5-phase 10/8 Switched Reluctance Motor by Using Fuzzy 

  14.  Direct Torque Control of a Three Phase Induction Motor using a Hybrid PI/Fuzzy

  15.  Analysis and Implement of Thyristor-based STATCOM

  16.  Reduced Rating VSC With a Zig-Zag Transformer for Current Compensation in a
    Three-Phase Four-Wire Distribution System

  17.  MATLAB Based Simulation of TCSC FACTS Controller

  18. Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor Using Space Vector Modulation (SVMDTC)

  19. Eighteen-Pulse AC-DC Converter for Harmonic Mitigation in Vector Controlled
    Induction Motor Drives

  20. SVPWM over modulation Scheme of Three-Level Inverters for Vector Controlled

  21.  Space Vectors Modulation for Nine-Switch Converters

  22.  Modeling and Simulation of BLDC motor in Electric Power Steering

  23.  A Novel Method of Load Compensation under Unbalanced and Distorted Voltages

  24.  DTC-SVM Scheme for Induction Motors Fed with a Three-level Inverter

  25. A fuzzy logic controller for synchronous machine

  26.  Scalar Control of Induction Motor




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