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 We offer power systems projects, Available transfer capability, Monte Carlo simulation, power Marketing, random processes, stochastic systems, composite system, linear programming, bisection search method, optimal power flow, probabilistic approach, sequential quadratic programming (SQP), total transfer capability (TTC), transmission open access.

                Power Systems Project Titles

             Students doing Research projects in Power system engineering are typically employed at major research centers, including University and Academic institutions, R&D departments in the public and private industry, power generation companies, transmission and distribution utilities, consultant offices, metrology reference institutes and certification laboratories, transport areas, public bodies such as the Regulators or State offices.

  1. SCADA For Power Systems Automation        

  2. Wind energy generation and storage system

  3. Computation of electric field distribution in a power apparatus.

  4. Controller design for grid tie inverter. 

  5. Grid synchronization in wind power harnessing.

  6. Analyzing the needs and options of transmission for renewable energy

  7. Analyzing Risk in Electricity Market

  8. Modeling the impact of electricity price tariffs and smart grids on customer demand

  9. Experimental setup of a Micro grid

  10. A power flow analysis model for micro grid

  11. A control scheme for grid connected wind energy generator

  12. Load frequency control of systems.

  13. Investigation of DFIG in a Microgrid

  14.  Study on small signal stability of microgrids

  15. Developing techniques for transmission planning.

  16. Determination of efficiency of the Permanent Magnet Motors

  17.  Modeling of wind turbine system for an Interior Permanent magnet generator

  18. Condition Monitoring of Power System Equipment

  19.  Electrical insulation for high-voltage DC systems

  20. Congestion management in deregulated power system by optimal choice and allocation of FACTS controllers 

  21. Dynamic Interaction of Power Plants and Power System in Deregulated Energy Markets


  23. Analysis of stand alone operation of single phase induction generator with energy storage system

  24.  Optimal Relay coordination with Distributed generation

  25.  Relay coordination with distributed generation

  26.  Control of Double fed Induction Generator facing grid interruptions

  27.  Stability improvement of a grid connected Wind energy system

  28.  Study on grid connected wind driven induction generator under various fault conditions

  29.  Energy optimized control of induction machines

  30.  Voltage control of the parallel operated micro hydro synchronous generator and wind driven Induction generator with energy storage

  31.  On-Line Tape Changing Power Transformer and reduced line voltage disturbance

  32.  Design & Implementation of digital phase sequence indicator

  33.  An Embedded system based design of Three phase voltage & current monitoring system

  34.  A DSPIC based implementation of three phase power factor monitoring system

  35.  Design & Implementation of digital frequency monitoring & protection system

  36.  Digital control implementation of Over Voltage/Current Protection system

  37.  Industries illegal power consumed identification system for EB

  38.  Design and Implementation of Digital Based Solid State DC Circuit Breaker

  39.  An automated Substation Monitoring System for Electricity Board

  40.  Design of Power Factor Meter using 16 Bit dsPIC Embedded digital signal controller

  41. Design and Implementation of Digital Based Solid State AC Circuit Breaker

  42. Resolution-Level-Controlled WM Inverter for PMG-Based Wind Energy Conversion System






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